Optimisation and innovation

We combine our knowledge of business and IT with the power of innovation and implementation. The result? Innovative solutions that allow you to operate more efficiently, become more customer focused and gain more control of your operational processes.

In control dashboards

Having a grip on operational processes and risks within your organisation is vital to its success. But in order to make the right decisions, you need the right information. Information is often abundant, but fragmented across the organisation. Our In-control Dashboards bundle and provide access to the required information. What is more, they’re easy, transparent, visually appealing and tailored to your role within the organisation. Read more »

Cross-channel customer service solutions

We work with financial institutions to establish and implement cross-channel strategies. Your financial products will become easy, accessible, self-service and distinct. Read more »


The Dawn of Part-human-Part-machine Financial Advice

op 02 March 2016 in Highlights

Advice is taking on a new shape. As in many countries, disruptive technologies and developing legislation are challenging  traditional advice models and the industry as a whole.  In the near future, the traditional financial advisor in a face-to-face setting will be complemented by a diversification of services and many more digital solutions. It might be seen as a threat to existing business, however, this is not at all doom and gloom.

Our philosophy behind the In-control Dashboards: the In-control Maturity Model

Our philosophy behind the In-control Dashboards: the In-control Maturity Model

op 30 June 2014 in Highlights

Laws and regulations continue to toughen, there is considerable pressure on available resources and stakeholders of every kind and description are demanding insight into your financial performance and how you manage external laws and regulations. With everything you’re up against, you need to do your utmost to stay on track.

Yellowtail to exhibit at Trade Mission Dutch Prime Minister in South Africa

Yellowtail to exhibit at Trade Mission Dutch Prime Minister in South Africa

op 16 November 2015 in Highlights

Prime Minister, Mark Rutte will soon visit South Africa on what is the biggest trade mission to South Africa in Holland’s history. The economic mission will take place from 15-18 November and will visit Johannesburg and Cape Town. During this important tour, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and State Secretary of Economic Affairs Sharon Dijksma will visit two exhibitions, the “House of the Future” in Johannesburg and “Garden of the Future” in Cape Town, aimed at facilitating and showcasing Dutch-South African partnerships.

Businesspartner Figlo Awarded Astute certification

Businesspartner Figlo Awarded Astute certification

op 29 October 2014 in Highlights

Our businesspartner Figlo, which delivers next generation personal finance management, financial advice and financial planning solutions, has been awarded Astute certification. Astute certification is a seal of approval by Astute (South Africa) that the Figlo platform is able to fully
integrate with the Astute platform. This allows users to effortlessly access and download client data across product providers from the Astute platform via Figlo.