Businesspartner Figlo Awarded Astute certification

op 29 October 2014 in Highlights

Our businesspartner Figlo, which delivers next generation personal finance management, financial advice and financial planning solutions, has been awarded Astute certification. Astute certification is a seal of approval by Astute (South Africa) that the Figlo platform is able to fully
integrate with the Astute platform. This allows users to effortlessly access and download client data across product providers from the Astute platform via Figlo.

Businesspartner Figlo Awarded Astute certification

Figlo is a multi-channel financial planning solution. It enables the customers of banks, life insurance companies and financial advisors to purchase and interact with financial products on any channel and
in real time. The interactive solution allows financial advisors to provide their customers with a full financial needs analysis and solution on the spot and in real time. It enables the consumer to have an
up to date view of their finances on any device at any time.  
Figlo’s standout product features include an open architecture design with a customisable and flexible HAWANEDO (have, want, need, do). Figlo has a customer friendly, image-rich graphical representation of the FNA making the user experience far superior.  Figlo is extremely strong in the area of multi-channel servicing enabling customers to interact
with the selling organisation in a variety of ways which makes it stand out from the the traditional IFA channel. Figlo is device agnostic with a strong mobile solution. This mobility is critical in the South
African and African market where mobile dominates. In addition, Figlo includes a survey process builder, BPM  and workflow.
A key product feature is ‘Figlo studio. This’ enables the building of financial websites using a library of dropdown widgets, making it fast to market and flexible. The nifty widget library allows for reduced
customer development time. Figlo provides full FAIS compliant reporting. It is multilingual, and offers multi-currency options, making it an ideal solution for cross border financial services organisations.

Yellowtail is Figlo’s main implementation partner in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

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  • The vast majority of financial advisors have college degrees
    - and if you will want professional certification including a CFP or CFA, having a four-year degree is
    a prerequisite for licensing.


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