Cross-channel customer service solutions

We help financial institutions to establish and, more importantly, implement a successful cross-channel strategy. Your financial products will become easy, accessible, self-service and distinct. 

Why focus on cross-channel customer service?

  • Customers demand it – independent consumers want to make their own decisions regarding how they do business with their bank, insurer and pension fund, and they want every opportunity to do this online.
  • Legislators enforce it – the ban on commissions, increased call for transparency, duty of care and the Act on Financial Supervision all highlight the importance of providing good and transparent service to customers, across all distribution channels.
  • Cost pressures make it unavoidable – consumers want to pay less for consultancy and financial products, the financial crisis has kept margins at a minimum and competition is increasing.



Yellowtail will ensure your cross-channel strategy is implemented successfully. This means:

  • your customers can do business with you through their preferred distribution channels, to their great satisfaction;
  • you can guarantee that all the services you provide comply with legislation, in which the interests of the customer are always of main concern; and
  • the costs of distribution, management of financial products and duty of care are all minimal.
To accomplish this, we work with an expert partner network of suppliers offering the best standard solutions.