Implementation guidance

In a cross-channel customer service approach, the focus is always first and foremost on the customer. This requires a radical change in structure, processes and technology. Indeed, the technology must support the new approach to customer service.

To save time and avoid having to reinvent the wheel, we use standard solutions where possible. Yellowtail works with the people in your organisation to implement the best IT solutions, guaranteeing the successful execution of a cross-channel strategy.


Knowledge of business and IT

We have substantive knowledge of your business and an in-depth understanding of the IT profession. During each project, we are therefore the link between the relevant business divisions and the IT department, essential for a successful implementation of solutions within the organisation, processes and IT infrastructure.

End-to-end guidance

It’s important to us to give our customers complete peace of mind – we’d rather make agreements based on results than on our efforts. Specifically in the area of cross-channel customer service, we value our ability to provide all relevant roles within a project – from project manager to acceptance test coordinator, from IT architect to software developer, and from business analyst to trainer. We rely heavily on the Agile/Scrum project approach in our projects, we apply Prince II where advisable and operate on the basis of Lean/Six-Sigma principles where possible. Many of our consultants are certified in these methods.

Partner network

We get the best results by making maximum use of products, knowledge and expertise that have all been proven in practice. Within our projects we like to work with an expert partner network, with whom we’ve already had great success.