Innovation is often impeded by the inflexibility of legacy systems. Integrating new applications with existing ones is a time-consuming and expensive process, and one prone to error. Given the increase of cloud-based solutions, which, in the near future, will need to exchange information between them and with legacy systems, the need for a flexible, scalable integration solution becomes even more important. Especially because online consumers simply expect that all information known about them should just appear and they shouldn’t have to re-enter it.

Worry-free hosting, technology and maintenance

Yellowtail has developed Inter8 Connect, an integration solution that facilitates the integration between Figlo, for example, and external data sources. 



The advantages of Inter8 Connect include:

  • No integration headache – integration and domain specialists arrange the integration using a proven integration platform;
  • Reuse – Inter8 Connect uses an expanding library of domain-specific standard connectors, such as Figlo, Salesforce, Elements and SAP, which upgrade automatically with new releases;
  • Cloud or on-site installation – Inter8 Connect can operate within your own infrastructure or from a secure cloud environment. The latter will save you having to think about hosting and technical maintenance;
  • Scalable and flexible – Inter8 Connect provides standard monitoring, security, and logging and configuration functionalities.