Customer service strategy

Your customers are becoming more self-sufficient and cost-conscious. They want better control of their financial future, expert advice and the ability to obtain financial products easily and at low cost through the channels and at times that best suits them. That may sound straightforward, but is often not the case.

Your customers choose their own process

Yellowtail helps your organisation establish a cross-channel strategy. We will ensure that your financial products become easy, accessible, self-service and distinct. Customers will have the ability to choose their own process and decide when, where and through which channel they want to use your services.



Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is the approach we take for the joint development of innovative service concepts and optimising customer processes and services. The customer journey is paramount in this process. Customer Journey Mapping shows where in the customer contact room for improvement lies in order to create the most favourable customer experience across all channels. Customer Journey Mapping helps your organisation to see a product or service from the customer’s perspective, allowing you to determine where opportunities for improvement lie.

From concept to delivery

In close collaboration with your people and specialist partners, we will develop a clear plan, business case and roadmap. We will set goals and devise an approach to the implementation where resources, people, finances and time are all attuned to one another. Our motto is: think big, but take small steps. Yellowtail remains involved from concept to delivery.