In-Control dashboards

Having a grip on operational processes and risks within your organisation is vital to its success. But in order to make the right decisions, you need the right information. Information is often abundant, but fragmented across the organisation. Our In-control Dashboards bundle and provide access to the required information. What is more, they’re easy, transparent, visually appealing and tailored to your role within the organisation.

Giving you insight

You will gain insight into your organisation’s daily performance and processes based on key performance indicators. Our dashboards also give you control over the key risks and internal audit results.

Standard or customised dashboards

We have standard In-control Dashboards available for the financial sector and government, such as the EY In-control Dashboard, our Cross-channel Customer Service Dashboard, the Banking Cockpit and the Pension Fund KPI Dashboard. We can also easily create fully customised dashboards, geared towards the domain you’d like to gain more control over.


Advantages of our dashboards include:

  • Real-time and centrally organised insight into performance at any level of the organisation;
  • Quick analysis of the status and controlled adjustments through integrated action management;
  • More efficient reporting;
  • Cost-saving and improved quality due to better control of operational processes, risk management and compliancy;
  • Easy-to-use, In-control portal based on Delta software from VisionWaves.

Clear-cut and concise implementation process and fixed price

We actively involve your people with the implementation. We ensure a clear-cut and short implementation process, a fixed price and thorough follow-up. Would you like to be in control of your business? Contact us today for a demonstration.