Banking Cockpit

An important concern within banking is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. It is therefore essential to have the most up-to-date and accurate insight into key performance indicators.

Yellowtail’s Banking Cockpit gives financial service providers the insight they need. It will give you the ability to implement improvement measures in no time, and monitor the results.

The most important features of the Banking Cockpit

  • information is read in daily from the source systems, and bundled and made available through the cockpit;
  • an integrated overview of processes, current performance and status of improvement measures taken;
  • we implement the cockpit in tiers that represent the various levels in the organisation. Every management tier has its own cockpit from which those concerned can monitor and improve their own operations;
  • the Banking Cockpit ensures that the strategy corresponds to the daily operations and enables the management to administer this directly;
  • the Banking Cockpit replaces all existing operational reports and reporting processes;
  • in practice, cost reductions of up to 20% appear to take effect quickly.



Example for a CFO


The Banking Cockpit has already proven itself amply in practice, enabling us to implement the dashboard quickly and with minimal fuss. We will actively involve your people with the implementation process, generating support for the Banking Cockpit throughout the organisation.