EY Key Control Dashboard

Laws and regulations continue to toughen, there is considerable pressure on available resources and stakeholders of every kind and description are demanding insight into your financial performance and how you manage laws and regulations.

Yellowtail and Ernst & Young

Yellowtail and Ernst & Young (EY) have joined forces to develop an In-control Dashboard that allows EY’s customers to manage internal control and risk management processes. Using the EY In-control Dashboard, clients can monitor only that which needs to be controlled – no more and no less. Both internal managers and the auditor will have central and easy insight into the results.

All the information you need in one dashboard

The EY In-control Dashboard bundles and provides access to the required information, such as KPIs, KRIs, internal control results and compliance data, and displays it clearly and attractively. Real-time insight into the progress and performance is shown using performance gauges and different colours.



  • Real-time, centrally organised insight into performance
  • Quick analyses and controlled adjustments where necessary
  • Improved internal control and cost efficiency
  • Minimise risk
  • Uniform process controls
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

Clear-cut implementation process and fixed price

We actively involve your people with the implementation. We ensure a clear-cut and short implementation process, a fixed price and thorough follow-up.