Risk & compliance dashboard

Financial institutions are responsible for reporting many figures to stakeholders. These figures need to be verifiable and traceable. Risks must be incorporated into the balance sheet and it is management’s task to administer this adequately.

Being In-control is becoming increasingly important. When In-control, financial institutions have more control over the operational processes and are better equipped to manage financial resources efficiently. New legislation for pension funds, Solvency II and Basel are forcing organisations to swing into action and show that they have things under control.  

In control of the operational processes

Yellowtail has years of experience across diverse sectors developing organisational models and the necessary Risk & Control Dashboards to help organisations get In-control of their operational processes.

Financially in balance

Our Risk & Control Dashboards can be used on a strategic, tactical or operational level. They help organisations to balance their finances and ensure a high degree of control of processes, risks and associated procedures.

Monitoring and managing risks

The Risk & Compliance Dashboard displays current information concerning risk and compliance activities within the organisation. By linking risks to internal processes, they are assigned an owner and can be easily monitored and managed. At any time, you can also print reports that indicate the status of risks within your organisation.